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Daily Meals & Macro Breakdown

Below I'm sharing with you my current macros and a typical day of meals - taking the data directly from My Fitness Pal.

My macros are relative to my current training goal which is to build my calories up, get stronger and build muscle size before I begin prep for my next show.

Whilst I listed a typical day of eating, it doesn't mean I eat the same foods every single day. It's important to vary your foods to ensure you get a variety of macro and micro nutrients, for longevity of your diet and to ensure you don't develop food intolerances when over eating the same foods every day. I mean, how boring would that be?!

If you want a meal plan designed just for you, relative to YOUR goals, scroll down and see the options available to you.



Meal 1 (P27 C40 F9)
Quinoa Porridge30g
Frozen Sliced Strawberries100g
Whey Isolate (Muscle Nation)0.5 Scoop (25g)
Raspberries Fresh125g
Crunchy Peanut Butter15g
Meal 2 (P36 C75 F15)
Dark Rye Sourdough92g
Spinach Leaves25g
Shaved Ham51g
Eggs2 Large
Banana Bread1 Slice
Meal 3 (P29 C22 F6)
Homemade Chicken in Pressure Cooker100g
Capsicum Red & Green100g
Spinach Leaves25g
Hoisin Sauce1TBS
Oven Roasted Pumpkin (Home Made)150g
Meal 4 (P28 C58 F13)
Cauliflower Pizza Base170g
Thin Sliced Ham100g
Light Grated Cheese25g
Meal 5 (P11 C15 F16)
Natural Yogurt80g
Crunchy Peanut Butter25g

Would you like me to create a custom meal plan relative to YOUR goals?

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